Israel’s democracy is under attack by the new extremist government led by indicted PM Netanyahu. The new government is attempting to destroy the Israeli judiciary, and more specifically – the Israeli Supreme Court as a protector of the rule of law. By doing this, the government plans to remove the ONLY checks and balances – which will result in it having unconstrained power.  


An independent judiciary is essential for a democracy to function properly. The judiciary is responsible for upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of all citizens, regardless of their political or religious affiliation. If the government is able to interfere in the judiciary, it will be able to use the judiciary to silence dissent and to consolidate its power.

Israel will no longer be a democracy and will be separated from its allies and supporters in the Western world, which is a real threat to the future of the country’s security and economy.

Israel’s economy

The overhaul could lead to a downgrade in Israel’s sovereign credit rating, a decrease in foreign investment, and to legal uncertainty that would discourage investments.

A strong judiciary is essential for a healthy economy. The courts play a vital role in protecting property rights, enforcing contracts, and resolving disputes. The proposed reform would weaken the judiciary and make it more difficult for businesses to operate in Israel. This would have a negative impact on the economy and could lead to job losses and slower economic growth.

The Ministry of Finance Budgets Division has presented Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich with its first official warning of the reform’s economic consequences. Acoording to the chief economist at the Ministry of Finance, Shira Greenberg “damage to Israel’s rating in the measures of democracy and governance can be expected to lead to a structural decline in the rate of growth per capita of about 0.8% annually, which means, over a period of five years following the passage of the reform, a cumulative loss of product of NIS 270 billion and a cumulative decline in state revenues of NIS 70 billion, while after a decade the cumulative negative effect on state revenues is estimated at NIS 385 billion over the following five years”
– Globes

Israel’s security

The overhaul erodes Israel’s social cohesion and sense of solidarity, which is dangerous in case of external threats. The overhaul will also lead to the separation of Israel from its democratic allies and supporters, and its international standing will be damaged.

Civil liberties, minority and human rights

The courts play an important role in protecting human rights and ensuring that the government acts within the law. The proposed reform would weaken the courts and make it more difficult for them to protect human rights and hold the government accountable. This would make Israel less secure and could lead to an increase in violence and unrest. Without separation of powers and an independent Supreme Court, civil liberties, minority and human rights will be under imminent threat.

World Jewry and Israel’s bond

Coalition agreements also threaten to change the Law of Return, eliminating the Grandchild Clause and diminishing the bond Israel has with the Jews of the world – one of the founding principles of Israel since its inception.


Defend Israeli Democracy is made up of people from all walks of life, different backgrounds, cultures, and political affiliations – people like you, coming together to create a different story. We know the crisis we are facing, and we want to change the future. This fight is all of ours, and we all need to be willing to stand up for the truth and face it together.


With over 50 groups in 19 countries, we are already making a difference. DiD has the power to push governments to take action, and shift the public discourse on the current democratic crisis in Israel, through our creative, artful, sustained, non-violent protests all over the world. We follow in the footsteps of many who have come before us. From Women’s Suffrage, the Civil Rights Movement to the environmental struggle, history has shown us time and time again that nonviolent protest does work as a powerful means to bring about change. And yet, there are no guarantees. We know that tomorrow’s reality is today’s concern. A non democratic Israel will gravely affect us all.


We have no other choice. We protest for the future we want. We protest because it is our responsibility to act. We have no more time to waste. Nothing is impossible – we can still write the story we want and we will. We as individuals can make a difference, collectively. We will do this together – transform Israel, create lasting change and build a better future for all.

“It is not your duty to finish the work, but neither are you at liberty to neglect it” – Pirkei Avot 2:16